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DOP Meandros Chapter 168 is once again raising money for the Brain Tumour Foundation's Virtual Walk Campaign for 2021. We have held two events. The first was a Virtual Wine Odyssey, presented by Mr. Chris Dedes, who spoke about the different grape varieties and wines in Greece. The second was a clothing drive where items were collected by Les Super Recycleurs who weighed them and then donated an amount to our campaign.

Meandros Chapter is hoping to do our own walk in the park, and we are waiting patiently for the COVID-19 restrictions in the city to be lifted!
We are a part of Team In Memory of Ari, and we believe we are doing Ari proud. So far this year we have raised $4604.25!

If you wish to donate to our campaign for the Brain Tumour Foundation, click here.

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Brain Tumour Walk Committee April 25 202
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DOP on the Move is a wellness challenge Facebook group, started by the Montreal DOP chapter.  
Tell us how many kilometres/miles and steps you have done every day. Someone will keep track and announce the total at the end of each week as we walk to our next destination visiting sisters all over the world. You can include photos of your activities, healthy meals, and inspirational quotes.
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