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     Sep. 11 - Meandros Meeting #2
          7:00 pm @ Messinian Brotherhood of Canada
                              7287 Champagneur
     Sep. 14 - Convention Committee Meeting #1
     Oct. 9 - PGP Celia Kachmarski's Testimonial Dinner
          Calgary, Alberta
     Oct. 15 - District 23 Mid-Year Conference
          Zoom Conference
     Oct. (TBA) - Meandros Meeting #3
     Oct. 31 - Halloween
     Nov. (TBA) - Meandros Meeting #4
     Nov. 19 - Founders Day
          DOP's 93rd Anniversary
Super Recycleur 2022.jpg
DOP Meandros Chapter 168 is fundraising in support of Team in Memory of Ari. One of our events in 2022 was a clothing drive. This is the second year we partnered with Les Super Recycleurs, who collected the goods. The donation amount, which was calculated on the weight of the goods received, was $250. The collection took place in the parking lot at Souvlaki Bar in St-Laurent. After the clothing drive, the committee, friends, and family had lunch at Souvlaki Bar where another $350 was raised for the campaign.
We are part of Team In Memory of Ari, and we believe we do Ari proud.
In 2021 we raised $5,754.25!

#dopmeandros168   #endbraintumours 
Team In Memory of Ari Committee, 2022